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This code has been found on the website


The following is a small explanation from the website author:

Here is Bruce Schneier's code in C for his Blowfish algorithm. This version is fully ANSI compliant and contains the "missing" P-box values omitted from the book.
This code may be freely distributed. 
Updated 29 July 2003: thanks to Mehul Motani for pointing out an error in the code for readDataLine(). 

#include <stdint.h>

typedef struct
      uint32_t S[4][256], P[18];
} blf_ctx;

uint32_t F(blf_ctx *, uint32_t x);
void Blowfish_encipher(blf_ctx *, uint32_t *xl, uint32_t *xr);
void Blowfish_decipher(blf_ctx *, uint32_t *xl, uint32_t *xr);
short InitializeBlowfish(blf_ctx *, unsigned char key[], int keybytes);
void blf_enc(blf_ctx *c, uint32_t *data, int blocks);
void blf_dec(blf_ctx *c, uint32_t *data, int blocks);
void blf_key(blf_ctx *c, unsigned char *key, int len);

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